The company Fast Medical Service (FMS) was founded in 1988 by Ioannis Mersinias in order to serve the needs of technical coverage (repair) in the field of medical equipment

It was observed that either due to the very high cost of maintaining the technical department by companies, or due to lack of representation, there was a large gap in the technical coverage of medical devices, leaving unmaintained machines that are directly related to patients’ lives.

So it was decided to create a purely technical company, which could serve either other companies (manufacturers and agents), providing them with the coverage they did not have at a low cost, or directly to customers (hospitals, diagnostic centers and private doctors), who had “orphan” machines. The step was pioneering for the data of the area in Greece.

The company was staffed with highly specialized staff, acquired a wide clientele and became the technical partner of most hospitals in the country. Today, the name of Fast Medical Service is synonymous with quality technical support in the field of health.

In addition to the purely technical services, FMS’ activities have expanded to other areas, such as the elaboration and publication of works on biomedical technology as well as the construction of special prototype devices.

The constant expansion, but also the need to stay within shooting distance of most Hospitals in Athens, required the transfer of the company to 7 Monis Petraki Street in Kolonaki and from 2015 to 27 Mouson Street in Nea Filothei

In recent years, Fast Medical Service is going through a period of dynamic growth in all areas, such as:


  • Technical representation of many construction companies and agents.


  • Providing its services throughout Greece, but also abroad with a wide clientele.


  • Undertaking full technical coverage of hospitals, with the creation and operation of a biomedical technology department.


  • Offering quality services, according to the standards of ISO 9001: 2015 and EN13485-2016.


  • Upgrading of the workplace and the logistical infrastructure as well as complete computerization.


  • Equipment with new, state-of-the-art and calibrated measuring instruments and repair tools.


  • Hiring new specialized staff to meet the ever-increasing needs.