Company policy

The smooth operation of FMS is based mainly on the excellent cooperation of its staff. This is achieved as follows:


  • By instilling the idea that everyone is a partner and participant ethically and materially in successes.


  • The development of a spirit of companionship and friendship between staff.


  • The constant update for all work-related issues


  • The overlap of the various positions and departments despite the specialization of each member in a different field.


  • The company’s policy is the combination of immediate and fast customer service, with the maximum possible quality of services, provided at the lowest possible cost. This ensures the excellent functionality and the longest possible life of each medical device.




  • The installation of the company in a central location in Athens, in a small radius from many hospitals.


  • The availability of a sufficient number of technical staff.


  • The availability of transportation for staff and machinery.


  • Ensuring a fast way to move anywhere in Greece.


  • Maintaining security staff on a 24-hour basis, all year round, including non-working days and holidays. The ability to incline techniques through paging on a 24-hour basis.


The quality of service is achieved in the following ways:


  • The operation of the company according to the established quality standards of ISO 9001: 2008.


  • The embracing of the idea, by all staff, that the provision of quality services contributes to the smooth operation of nursing units, with an impact on the Health and Recovery of patients and is a key factor in securing, retaining and attracting new customers, improving working conditions , the pioneering of the company in relation to the competition and the meeting of the high standards set by the market.


  • Informing staff on all quality issues, such as the manual and quality procedures of each machine and device


  • The participation of the staff in the elaboration of the quality procedures as well as the acceptance of criticism and suggestions for optimization by everyone.


  • The constant vigilance and ingenuity to maintain and improve the quality level as well as the monitoring of new rules and data in this field.


  • The recruitment of highly trained skilled staff but also the continuous training for new medical equipment and technologies