The services provided

Fast Medical Service, among others, offers the following services with the aim of complete and excellent technical coverage:


  • Detection and repair of failures of medical equipment (electronic and electromechanical).


  • Maintenance (preventive) and check of good operation of devices with precision measurements, which are obtained from calibrated instruments.


  • Installation (and relocation) of machinery.


  • Upgrades and modifications of devices, when possible and in accordance with safety rules and manufacturer’s instructions.


  • Operation of special systems in cases of non-availability of qualified staff.


  • Technical support of laboratory staff in execution of experimental works.


  • Technical support for doctors at conferences and lectures.


  • Machine operator training.


  • Demonstration of machinery operation.


  • Technical advice and problem solving.


  • Studies and proposals for the supply of medical equipment.


  • Preparation and publication of works on biomedical technology.


  • Manufacture of special, original and custom-made devices (Not Available Commercially) always in accordance with safety and quality rules.



To fully meet the needs of customers, service techniques are provided, as appropriate in the following ways:


It concerns a visit of technicians, after notification by the customer at the place of installation of the machine, inside or outside the company’s headquarters in Greece or abroad and addressing the issue on site or transfer of the machine to the repair center of the company if necessary and feasible.


It concerns the monitoring or use of a machine with the constant stay of a technician at the installation site for as long as is deemed necessary by the customer.


It concerns the preparation of an annual contract for periodic preventive maintenance and inspection of one or more machines, with a certain number of scheduled regular and extraordinary visits according to the instructions of the manufacturer’s manuals.


It concerns the preparation of a contract for the full technical coverage of a hospital or a department of it, possibly with the establishment and operation of a Department of Biomedical Technology and the continuous stay of technicians.


The policy of Fast Medical Service is the combination of immediate and fast service with the maximum possible quality of services provided. This is achieved as follows:


  • The company is staffed by experienced and trained staff who in addition to basic studies in electronics and computer systems has been trained in Greece and abroad by various manufacturers. There is also continuous training through seminars and bibliography.


  • The company’s repair center is fully equipped with modern and calibrated control instruments, for precision measurements and repair tools.


  • An electronic file of its history as well as of the used spare parts is kept for each machine.


  • A repair and maintenance form is posted on each installed machine.


  • A written report is provided for each intervention, if desired.


  • After each intervention a certificate of good operation is issued if this is desired.


  • The company has a sufficient number of technical staff, as well as means of transport (personnel and machinery) for immediate access. It also provides a fast way to move anywhere in Greece.


  • It is possible to call and send a technician 24 hours a day, even on non-working days, via paging for emergencies.


  • Incidents are being dealt with throughout Greece and abroad.


  • The whole operation of the company is based on procedures in accordance with the quality manual. FMS holds from 28/5/2008 a quality certificate according to the international ISO 9001: 2008 (Provision of Services).